Remanufactured Gearboxes

The Entire Fleet of Gearbox Express Remanufactured Gearboxes Feature a Three-Year No-Risk Warranty, Upgradeable to Five Years with Revolution.

There is a big difference between a repaired gearbox and a remanufactured gearbox. Repairs only address the component that failed, perpetuating the failure. Remanufacturing addresses the entire system.

Gearbox Express Main Shaft Remanufacturing

Gearbox Express has comprehensive specifications for its remanufactured gearboxes, backed by our No-Risk Warranty. This warranty is insurance underwritten, and includes coverage of all removal and reinstallation costs. This combination creates an industry-leading product that’s better than a new gearbox, providing peace of mind.


  • All bearings are replaced with new Tier 1 supplied bearings
  • Cylindrical roller bearings in the intermediate and high-speed positions are case hardened with coated rollers
  • Full complement cylindrical roller bearings in the carrier and LSS positions have coated rollers
  • Planetary designs utilizing four row cylindrical roller bearings are case hardened with coated rollers optimized internal geometry to improve load share


  • High speed shafts are always replaced new
  • All other gearing is either replaced new or certified for reuse. For gearboxes received on GBXchange, if gearing is successfully recertified, credits are issued for future purchase. Contact us to learn more about our recertification process.
  • Planet gears cannot be reground as they are received and maintained as matched sets to ensure proper load sharing. If any one planet gear is not certified for reuse, the set must be replaced new
  • New replacement gearing is either sourced from a current wind gearbox OEM or a current supplier to a wind gearbox OEM via an approved Gearbox Express print

Remaining Components

  • All fittings and fasteners that see shear are replaced new
  • All seals and snap rings are replaced new (Viton material only)
  • Cooler cores are always replaced new
  • Lubrication pump motors are always replaced new
  • Hoses and filters are always replaced new
  • All sensors are checked and calibrated, and replaced if necessary
  • Assembly occurs in a clean atmosphere with positive air pressure separation from the dirty area.
  • Built by craftsmen technicians
  • Certified by a full load test on our 3.1MW, regenerative test stand

Industrial Gearboxes


Gearbox Express offers high quality remanufacturing services outside the wind energy industry. We have extensive experience in a variety of industries and are ready to share solutions to your remanufacturing needs.


  • Grain processing and handling
  • Pulp and paper
  • Mining and construction
  • Steel processing
  • Oil and gas

Brands Serviced: Falk, Flender, Foote Jones, Hansen, Horsburgh and Scott, Lufkin, Nuttal, Philadephia Gear

Product Type: Vertical right angle, horizontal right angle, parallel shaft epicyclic (planetary), high speed