The more the technicians at Gearbox Express worked on downtower remanufacture projects, the more they realized there was a need to offer parts for uptower maintenance. Gearbox Express fully understands what is needed and developed exceptional products to help keep you running.

Part Kits

  • Hose Kits:  Hose material degrades over time and should be replaced as the turbine ages. GBX has refined the fittings and adapter connections to eliminate excess slack and reduce possible pinch points by moving the hoses closer to the gearbox.
  • Lube pump motor flip kit:  In earlier gearbox models, the motor was oriented below the pump. If the pump leaks, the oil penetrates the motor winding causing premature failure.  The flip kit moves the mount point of the motor above the pump, eliminating this failure mode.

Lubricant Accessories

Gearbox Express WaterLok System removes water from oil and blocks water from entering the system, keeping the humidity level below 10 percent.

GBXtreme High Volume Filter System ensures you’re getting the highest possible contaminant removal.

Lube Systems

The Gearbox Express GBXchange program is now available for the entire lube system: a replacement is sent out, and the core is returned in the same packaging. This includes the lube pump and motor, as well as the heat exchanger (new aluminum core) and motor.  The ideal time to perform this is at an oil change, and it is recommended that the hose kit also be replaced.

Uptower bearing and gearing replacement kits

  • High speed pinions / intermediate assembly gearing
  • Inventory most upgraded case carburized cylindrical roller bearings with diamond like coated rollers
  • Seals
  • Spacers and related hardware

Gearbox Express also features its own GBX School, where the change out is demonstrated along with additional hands-on training