Introducing Revolution 2.0.

In 2013, the team at Gearbox Express developed a technical product unlike anything else in the industry. They named this proprietary gearbox Revolution because that is what it is, and what it is doing – causing a paradigm shift in the wind industry. Revolution’s upgrades actually address the most common premature failure modes, something that has never been done before. Four years later, Gearbox Express continues to Lead the Charge by making the product even better.

Now in production for most turbine platforms including GE 1.5s/sle/xle/1.x-100, Siemens 2.3, Vestas v80/v90, Vestas v82, MHI 1000. Other models are currently under review.

Engineering Approach

  • Disassembly, root cause and metallurgical analysis
  • Operational performance modeled
  • Upgrades applied and new supply chain established

GBX Remanufactured Features

  • All fittings and fasteners that experience shear or show wear are replaced new
  • All seals are replaced new
  • Cooler cores are always replaced new
  • Hoses and filters are always replaced new
  • Lubrication pumps are always replaced new
  • All sensors are checked and calibrated or replaced if necessary
  • Assembly occurs in a clean atmosphere
  • Built by skilled technicians
  • Certified by a full load test

Specification Comparison

Component 3-Year (Standard) 5-Year Revolution
Ring Regrind New – Case hardened
Planets Regrind New – Ultra clean and super finished
Sun Regrind New
LSS Gear Regrind New or regrind
IMS Pinion Regrind New
IMS Gear Regrind New or regrind
HSS New New
Planet Bearings OEM configuration Integral to planet gear, carburized w/ DLC
HSS-IMS Bearings Carburized Carburized
GBXtream Filter No Yes
Poseidon Wear Sensor No Yes
Amsoil Fill No Yes
Load Test Yes Yes
Warranty 3-Year 5-Year
Crane Coverage Yes – No cap Yes – No cap

GBX accepts all makes including: Winergy; Bosch Rexroth; Moventas; GETS, Nanjing, Hansen, and ZF

Gearbox Express March 15, 2013

Value-Leading Solution

Revolution has always been priced competitively with new OEM gearboxes. However, Gearbox Express has realized efficiency gains from its new facility as well as economies of scale through increased volume. This is allowing us to pass on significant cost savings to our customers while also delivering improved technology and reliability with Revolution 2.0

Proactive Lifecycle Management

By getting Gearbox Express involved earlier in your maintenance cycle, we can help you maximize the value of your core, stream line in and out costs, and reduce down time.

Download a printable brochure here.