Gearbox Express March 15, 2013

Gearbox Express has created a Revolution.

Why do gearboxes fail prematurely? Bottom line, if OEM material quality or assembly workmanship is not designed to anticipate site conditions such as capacity factor, wind class, curtailment and more; the life of the gearbox will be shortened dramatically.

Gearbox Express has created Revolution, a technical product unlike anything else in the wind energy industry. Revolution addresses the most common premature failure modes. In other words, our technical team could see how and why gearboxes were failing and built a gearbox that stops the problems before they start.

Revolution Features

  • Five-year, no-risk warranty
  • Case-carburized ring gear
  • Timken bearings
  • Remaining gear and bearing micro-geometry optimized
  • Water-Lok maintains low water concentration
  • GBXtreme High Volume Filter, filters to six micron while maintaining high flow rates
  • GBX Water Blocker Breather System doesn’t not fill up like a desiccant
  • Factory filled with Amsoil EP55, ISO 320 oil
  • Plus standard Remanufactured Gearbox features


The Gearbox Express Revolution gearbox is priced to be competitive with new OEM gearboxes. Once disassembled and inspected, additional credits may be issued depending on its condition. By getting Gearbox Express involved earlier in the maintenance cycle, GBX can help maximize the credits by addressing some of the more common lubricant issues that cause irreparable gear damage.