Joint partners, Poseidon & Gearbox Express, ship first gearbox with integrated oil-monitoring

May 24, 2019
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Poseidon Systems will supply the oil-monitoring equipment and services for all Gearbox Express remanufactured gearboxes.

Poseidon Systems, LLC announced Gearbox Express shipped the industry’s first gearbox to include a direct-from-factory installed, integrated oil-monitoring system that eliminates the need for periodic oil sampling. Gearbox Express, North America’s largest independent supplier of gearbox assemblies for the wind-turbine industry, and Poseidon worked together to design an integrated sensor package shipped already installed on the gearbox.

“It is our belief that metallic debris monitoring provides the earliest, most reliable, most cost-effective gearbox condition monitoring solution,” said Bruce Neumiller, CEO of Gearbox Express. “We selected Poseidon based on their ability to provide an exceptional sensing capability that is coupled with an affordable remote monitoring and analysis service. This technology is one of many enhancements included in Revolution gearboxes and is aligned with our belief that our customers deserve the highest quality gearbox and support available in the industry.”

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