Gearbox Express Announces Partnership with Invenergy Services

February 26, 2019
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After several years of a successful supply relationship, Gearbox Express and Invenergy Services have partnered to help bring an all-in-one equipment and service solution to asset owners.

Gearbox Express (GBX), North America’s largest independent remanufacturer of gearbox assemblies and main shafts for the wind turbine industry, announced a partnership with Invenergy Services, an award-winning sustainable energy solutions provider.

Through the partnership, GBX has secured Invenergy Services to perform major component and field service work, resulting in the combined and expanded geographic footprint of service coverage. GBX and Invenergy Services will now be able to provide a superior product at a lower cost to more asset owners.

“Invenergy’s award-winning services platform and desire to perform repairs and replacements in house aligns incentives where we can both focus on our core competencies,” said Gearbox Express CEO, Bruce Neumiller. “We believe that Invenergy Services’ capabilities, combined with our equipment and industry expertise, make for a winning combination,”

“Invenergy Services is excited to expand our services capabilities with this agreement, which not only deepens our relationship with Gearbox Express but also enhances our ability to meet our customers’ wind turbine drivetrain needs,” said Brad Purtell, Director of Invenergy Services Business Development. “Ultimately, this agreement means delivering cost reductions for our customers due to the scale of the fleet that both Invenergy and Gearbox Express serve.”

The partnership is effective immediately.

About Invenergy Services

Invenergy Services provides sustainable energy asset owners end-to-end solutions for every aspect of asset management, operations, and performance analysis. Invenergy Services currently manages 10,000 megawatts of wind, solar, natural gas and battery storage facilities, including 2,800 megawatts owned by third-parties. With on-site technicians, a state-of-the-art 24/7 Invenergy Control Center, and a progressive safety culture, Invenergy Services helps customers operate with excellence.

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