About Gearbox Express


Gearboxes are all we do.

Gearbox Express is the only independent company in North America solely focused on providing down-tower, wind gearbox remanufacturing solutions.
We focus strictly on gearboxes, and we know how to keep them running.

Gearbox Express was founded by gearbox guys who grew up in the industry and have years of experience with both gearing and bearings. Founded in 2011, Gearbox Express has exceeded its own expectations for growth thanks to its unwavering commitment to customer service and to innovative solutions that are better than anyone else in the wind-energy industry.

At Gearbox Express, we believe in proactive gearbox life-cycle management. It is our mission to get the maximum life out of your assets. And we back our work with a three-year, no-risk, warranty that is upgradeable to five.

Our facility

Gearbox Express is located in Mukwonago, Wisconsin, in the heart of manufacturing country. Our 43,000 square-foot facility is a climate-controlled, near-clean room environment, and home to highly-trained technicians that have extensive experience.


At the heart of the GBX operation is our 3.1 MW (4,000 hp) regenerative test stand that mimics real-life, often variable, wind conditions. We test each and every gearbox to guarantee it will run properly. The technology used for and the data-analysis output from our test stand is pioneering and predictive.


Our products

Many downtower remanufacturing upgrades now available for uptower maintenance
Lube system GBXchange (including heat exchanger and pump)

  • Hose Kits
  • HS Pinion and IMS Gear Assembly Kits
  • HSS / IMS Bearing Kits
  • Lube Pump Motor Flip Kit
  • WaterLok
  • GBXtreme Filtration

Our focus on lubrication

Proper lubrication is essential for gearbox function and is an easy way to extend gearbox life. At Gearbox Express, we

  • Offer enhanced filtration
  • Use an upgraded delivery system
  • Conduct regular oil sampling
  • Provide water concentration monitoring and remove system
  • Monitor lubrication cleanliness